Welcome to Question Day 2014

March 14 marked the 135th anniversary of the birth date of Albert Einstein—a lifelong champion of questioning and curiosity.

Sponsored by author Warren Berger (A More Beautiful Question) and The Right Question Institute, Question Day 2014 increased appreciation of the importance of questioning, as everyone from school kids to CEOs joined in the celebration of questioning in education, business, and in our daily lives.

Read this Storify overview of the tweets and question-sharing activities that took place on March 14.

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Einstein and questioning

Exploring the inquiring mind of one of our greatest thinkers.
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Why questioning matters in education

And why we should make sure our kids have more questions than answers.
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Questions and success in business

Companies are realizing the value of inquiry in this time of exponential change.
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Test your I.Q. (Inquiry Quiz) skills

Think you’re already a good questioner? Take this fast quiz to see where you rank.
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Gallery of Beautiful Questions

Many a great venture and breakthrough have started with a beautiful question.
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Questioning Quote Gallery

What Anne Frank, Walt Disney, and 30+ others have said about questioning.
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The top 20 questions from the book

Twenty great questions plucked from a Question Index with more than 400 q’s.
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Talking Points

Tips for asking better questions

Eight things that separate good questioners from the rest.
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WarrenBergerA More Beautiful Question began as a website exploring the importance of questioning and now is a new book from author Warren Berger. In his years-long “inquiry into inquiry,” Berger has studied the way entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and various other innovators use questioning to explore new possibilities and bring about change. Berger maintains that questioning is a critical starting point of innovation and growth—both in business and in our daily lives—but that the skill of asking good questions is “undervalued, under-taught, and under-utilized.”
Read more about what’s in the book and what people are saying about it....

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RQI-logoThe nonprofit Right Question Institute believes that asking the right questions is essential for educational and business success. RQI has been working for over twenty years to create the simplest, most powerful strategy for formulating questions that can be learned by anyone. Their Question Formulation Technique is a rigorous, step-by-step process for producing, improving and strategizing on how to use questions, enabling people of all ages to think and act in the face of uncertainty.
Learn more about RQI and their initiatives in this article and on their website.

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